3D Modeling and Printing

Students learn the ins and outs of 3D modeling and printing through our Project Based Learning style. Gaining hands-on knowledge through each level--Explorer, Trailblazer and Vanguard--students learn how to manipulate their ideas to create 3D products.


Students will learn to utilize a simple CAD application to create their own designs, and will have the opportunity to print these designs out using on-site 3D printers.  By designing and printing progressively more complex designs, students will learn the capabilities and limitations of FDM 3D printing technology and will learn design principles to apply when designing objects for additive manufacturing. 



Students in the 3D Trailblazer program will transition to a full featured CAD application and will learn to utilize its capabilities to create increasingly complex designs.  Students will learn to create multi-part, assemblies with moving parts, and will experiment with dual extrusion 3D printing and different 3D printing materials.

3D Printed Drone(2).jpg


At the Vanguard level, students will focus on applying their 3D design skills and iterative design to create and refine functional designs that address real world challenges.   Students will learn to employ the Design Thinking process to evaluate user needs, ideate potential solutions, and utilize their design and prototyping skills to bring these solutions to life.