Drone Programming Summer Camp

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Drone Programming Summer Camp


Take to the sky with our new coding program! Students will learn an introduction to syntax, basics of logic, and computer science. Applying their knowledge through exciting challenges and hands-on projects. With swift programming and manual control.

Ages: 12 - 16

Time: 9AM - 3PM

Jul. 8 - 12 (Sold Out)
Aug. 19 - 23

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Program Detail:

Drones bring an exciting new way for studnets to experience coding. They will be challenged with proper syntax using Apple's swift language. Build their skills of computational logic and experience hands on challenges that incorporate physics and basic flight commands.


Jun. 24 - 28

Aug. 19 - 23

Camp Takeaways:

  • Project Files

Campers will be:

  • Challenged to think critically and divergently

  • Provided a safe and nurturing environment that encourages teamwork and collaboration

  • Mentored and taught by highly qualified teachers and professionals

  • Encouraged to develop a growth mindset

  • Exposed to the newest and most advanced technology

Extended Care Option:

We offer an extended care option from 3pm to 5:00pm for an additional $15 (cash only).

Late Pick Up

Parents picking up children after 5:00pm will be charged a late fee of $5 per five minutes, per child with no cap.

Lunch Provision:

Students are encouraged to bring their lunch. A microwave is available for heating food. Blaze Education will provide lunch for an additional fee of $8/day (Cash only).