Competition Robotics Skills Building Courses

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Competition Robotics Skills Building Courses


Build, test and program your own robot! Students will expand their knowledge of coding and the engineering design process through the VEX IQ and EDR systems. 

Course Length: 10 classes, each 2-hour on weekends.

Session 1: Start at 4/15

Session 2: Start at 5/12

Session 3: Start at 6/29

Age: 8+

Start Date:
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Program Details:

Whether you’re new to the world of robotics or looking to take your programming skills to the next level, this camp has it all. Students will use the VEX IQ Robotics Kit to build, test and program their own robot, maneuvering it through challenges and obstacle courses. Prepare for school competitions or build your skillset in physics, coding and the engineering design process. 

Program Takeaways:

  • T-Shirt

  • VEX IQ Project Files

  • Video of Final Challenge

Program will be:

  • Challenged to think critically and divergently

  • Provided a safe and nurturing environment that encourages teamwork and collaboration

  • Mentored and taught by highly qualified teachers and professionals

  • Encouraged to develop a growth mindset

  • Exposed to the newest and most advanced technology