Introduction to Photography Summer Camp

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Introduction to Photography Summer Camp


Create and build beautiful photo stories in our Introduction to Photography 5 day camp! Kids and teens will learn the basics and best practices of professional photography as they tell their own story using the lens of a camera.

Age: 6 - 11

Time: 9AM - 3PM

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Program Details:

During the week, students will be tasked to build a photo story around a cause they feel passionately about. As students storyboard, photograph and edit, projects will showcase students new skills in digital photography and editing software. Students will be excited to dig deeper into causes close to their heart while sharing an opportunity to spread awareness by collaborating and presenting their projects with fellow campers.

Kids learn the ins and outs of photography through this introductory course. From lighting, framing, to utilizing effective negative space and focal points, students develop their own unique style while learning a variety of photography techniques. Students will use photography and editing software such as Paint.NET, Snapseed, and Windows Movie Maker. Students will focus their creativity on developing solutions to big problems using the art of photojournalism.


Jul. 9 - 13

Jul. 23 - 27

Aug. 27 - 31