All Blaze programs are fully customized to the needs of each student and their family. We focus on individual characteristics, interests, passions, life stories, cultural dynamics, and education and career goals. 

Our one-on-one discovery and planning, customized curriculum, and flexible hours are designed to fit today’s busy schedules. Our professional education consultants, counselors, tutors, and technology experts are on hand to ensure students make strong and consistent progress towards their goals

College Planning and Preparation

Our comprehensive college planning and preparation services go far beyond grades and tests to support the whole student. Working closely with each student, we help them develop a clear, long term vision and a detailed game plan. We support them every step of the way: course selection, extracurricular activities,  targeted skills development, college selection, college visits and interviews, and application processes.


In Blaze Space, we nurture bold, inventive and entrepreneurial thinkers. A student is a creator, a designer, a builder, and an entrepreneur. They can work individually or in a team to create products.

Interest Exploration

Working closely with their dedicated counselor, students explore a wide variety of career possibilities to discover the professions that truly inspire them and what they need to do to prepare for the road ahead. 


Advanced-Project Experience

In Blaze Space, students are able to take their learning to the next level. With 3D printers, an electronics lab, and professional-grade engineering and programming software, students can explore everything from robotics to product design to app and game development. And, with expert facilitators on hand, students can take their projects from an initial spark of interest to advanced applications that enter competitions and impress even the most selective colleges.