How does a turkey feel on Thanksgiving?

How does a turkey feel on Thanksgiving?

Catherine T

One day, a little kitten was reading a book about Thanksgiving.

“Grandpa, Grandpa!” the little Kitten said, “Today is Thanksgiving, why do people kill turkeys?”

An old cat said, “Hum, because people have to eat turkeys at Thanksgiving. In 1920, a group of British exiles in the United States, arrived in the United States east coast, the local Indians were the rescue. In the local turkey everywhere, these British people in order to thank the Indians in times of distress to help, on the turkey hunting and made of delicious food, hospitality Indians. Since then this time of year, these "British" to treat the Indians with turkeys, thus is forming a tradition, until today.”

“How do the turkeys feel?” the Kitten asked.

“Ah, I think they must be sad and desperate. Everyone is afraid of death. But I have a friend, he is a turkey, however he is alive!” the old cat said.


“My friend is very clever. He is very eager to live. He eats very little food, sometimes he doesn’t eat anything. He becomes very thin and weak. So his master doesn’t like him. My friend is driven away. He is so happy that he is free. Now he has a very happy life.”

“That’s great!” said the little kitten.

“It’s too late, I should go to bed, Good night, my dear little kitten.”

“Good night, Grandpa!”