How does turkey feel on Thanksgiving?

How does turkey feel on Thanksgiving?

Jimmy H

It's thanksgiving! Families and friend are gathering together to enjoy the grand feast. We're all watching movies

and laughing and having fun, but what about the turkeys? Yes, we eat them, but how do they feel about Thanksgiving? Happy, probably not. Sad, not exactly. Confused, yes, that's the word.

In my opinion, turkeys must be confused around thanksgiving. I wouldn't say turkeys are smart, but they might

realize that their fat, grown friends are disappearing. Turkeys too young to be killed and eaten are not exactly lucky, for the turkeys who fed and nursed them might be gone. They are not cold-blooded. Chubby turkeys would be struggling, running around in circles well their chubby friends are being slaughtered. They would be confused and frustrated of why the giants who gave them delicious rice would be killing them. How would you feel if you're taken care of and fed only to be killed and sold, or the other way around?

Clearly, turkeys feel not nearly as good about Thanksgiving as we do. Imagine, if turkeys are as smart as we, then they’d call thanksgiving “slaughtering day” instead. They might even protest the outlaw of Thanksgiving. Who knows, but i’m sure that turkeys feel confused and frustrated around Thanksgiving.