My 2016 Thanksgiving

My 2016 Thanksgiving

Leo Z

In 1620, pilgrims arrived in America. They sailed to America on a boat called Mayflower. Lots of people died from diseases. Half of the people died because of the cold harsh winter. Native Americans offered to help and taught pilgrims how to fish, hunt, and plant seeds.

In spring 1621, pilgrims had enough food to survive the next winter and had a big harvest. They invited Native Americans to celebrate with them by having a three-day feast now called the first Thanksgiving. Pilgrims were very thankful for Native Americans, because without their help, they would not have survived.

I think that thankful means you are grateful for someone. I am thankful for my family because they all love me. My dad teaches me math and English. My mom teaches me piano and makes me happy when I am sad. I am thankful for my grandma, because she makes the food I eat. I am also thankful for my little sister because she plays with me.

We went to a Caribbean cruise earlier this year. The first stop was Jamaica. We went to Blue Waters Beach. My little sister and I played in the water. When she left, I saw a colorful fish. I tried to catch it, but it swam into the deep zone. I waited for the fish to come out. A little while later, I gave up. When I turned around, something shot at my foot! Ouch! I was stunk by a sea urchin. I quickly showed my foot to my mom. She tried to get out the splinter, but it was too deep inside my foot. My dad quickly went to find a person to help me. He pulled out a first aid kit and took out a needle and tried to pick it out. But he couldn’t. He called another person to come help me. He had a big needle. It took him a long time to get it out. It was very painful. My mom made me feel better, but It still hurt. My dad played with me to make me feel better. Despise the pain, the vacation was super fun.  I am so thankful for having this exciting trip with my family. At this Thanksgiving season, I give my thanks to my family.