How do you think a turkey feels on Thanksgiving?

How do you think a turkey feels on Thanksgiving?

Crystal Z

Being a turkey like me is horrible! Tomorrow is the most dreaded day of my life. And it’s all Thanksgiving’s fault that my life is going to end! Tomorrow, I’m going to get roasted over an open flame and stuffed with celery and sweet peppers!

I had just heard Farmer Pudding talk about the dream he’d had of catching a turkey for Thanksgiving. But to me, it sounded more like a nightmare. It’s also Farmer Pudding’s fault that I had to be the Thanksgiving turkey. He’s the one who fed me the most food, so I could be big, plump, and juicy. Seemed like nobody cared about me anymore.

We live in this gloomy town called Baja de Luna, on the Baileyton Farm. The farmers seldom clean the pens so they reek of droppings. The Farmers also force us into crowded pens because the farm is microscopic. The worst problem about the farm is that the farm is in a very bad shape. Cobwebs line the corners, paint is peeling off the walls, shutters are unhinged, insects are scattered everywhere and since this farm is ancient, the curtains have been torn into rags. 

What I’m thinking is how Farmer Pudding will throw a feast in this decrepit farmhouse? I think I still have a chance. Maybe I can run away or I will be overlooked. After all, my cousin Bill looks almost just like me. Even though I still have a high hope of not being cooked, I still think that Farmer Pudding will cook me.  

Every time I pass by my brothers or sisters, they tease, snicker and laugh at me. Even though I’m usually not embarrassed by my siblings’ teasing, today I was feeling humiliated. I am pretty sure the reason why I’m humiliated these days are because……..I’M THANKSGIVING TURKEY! That’s not a good thing like I just won best turkey of the month or something, It’s that I’m the turkey who’s about to get cooked for Thanksgiving!!!!

Every time my siblings tease me, I feel bad for myself. Just now they said, “Hey, don’t you think we’re missing somebody?” “No.” Even though I was still here. And I started to feel like they wanted to get rid of me. Because not even Mom and Dad care about me anymore. I also feel like I’m in another family. The only person or turkey that cares about me is Farmer Pudding. He feeds me a lot of food to get me nice and plump for the feast tomorrow. I’m pretty sure that right now every turkey that is being cooked for Thanksgiving is either worried sick or doesn’t know what is happening to him\her.………….

Major panic!!! Today is the dreadful day that’s been waiting for me! Thanksgiving!!!! I can already imagine, Farmer Puddings friends all stomping into the farmhouse chugging down bottles and bottles of this weird drink, talking loudly and playing cards. Then, they feast on delicious food. Which is me!!! Right now, I’m trying to find a hiding spot that no one will find me in. If they don’t find me, I guess they’ll just have to order Pizza.

Thanksgiving is only 30 minutes away and I wonder why I’m still in my hiding spot. Maybe Farmer Pudding DIDN’T find me and maybe he IS ordering pizza right now.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see!