How I think a Turkey Feels on Thanksgiving

How I think a Turkey Feels on Thanksgiving

Katie X

How do I think a turkey feels on Thanksgiving? Well, I think they feel happy, and sad, both at the same time! Why? If you read on, you will surely find out!

            Turkeys can feel quite happy on Thanksgiving Day! Why? Well, turkeys are very popular during Thanksgiving time, for the main course. Turkeys are sometimes happy because they can feed people and let people be thankful for them! Turkeys are also happy because even though they’re killed at some point, they get fed pretty well before! Turkeys are thankful for these foods that they devour and the care they get before Thanksgiving! 

            On the other hand, though, turkeys might also feel sad. They get killed before Thanksgiving, and that’s not such a happy event for the turkeys. After all, they are getting killed! Imagine getting killed just because another species wants to eat you! That’s pretty scary to think about! They’re great animals, and delicious food. Well, at least this part is good for us humans!

            Maybe you hadn’t ever thought about turkeys on Thanksgiving being happy, but well, they are, and they will forever be (and sad, too)! That’s how I think turkeys feel on Thanksgiving Day!