The Jewels Mystery

The Jewels Mystery

Daniel G

The 3 young detectives -Sam, Denny and Gina are off to save the jewels.

When 2 of the young detectives got to Sam’s house from Wausau, they’re not feeling well, especially Denny.  They had not eaten any food for 5 hours. The road trip was very long; Sam told them that he was also starving when he just arrived. They saw a man showing a list of things to Sam’s mom (Mrs. Wood) and dad (Mr. Wood).

 “Who is him?” Asked Denny.

“It was the jewels-former from Norfolk. We need some jewels to decorate the house.” Said Sam.

“We buy jewels for 9,999.99 dollars!” Said Sam.

“Let’s take a walk,” said Mrs. Wood, “There are a lot of different things between Wausau and Chicago.”

They walked along the street and they realized that one man was following them from W Broses St to W Pershing St.

“That man has followed us for a long time. I wonder if he follows us on purpose.” Said Denny.

“It’s a friend of my cousin, and he lives on the 23rd floor and my cousin lives on the same level!” Said Sam.

“What does he want to do?”
asked Gina.

“Nothing, he’s very friendly. He gives us gifts all the time.”

“Well, I don’t think he follow us on purpose.” Said Gina.

“But he has followed us for a very long time.” Said Denny.

“Let’s go into the art museum.” Said Mrs. Wood.

“Oh bad! He comes, too!” Whispered Denny.

“Mom, I want to go to the bathroom, and Denny also wants to go.” Said Sam.

While they’re inside the bathroom they talk about that man.

 “Great idea Sam, go to this stinky place for a conversation without Gina!”

“This is the best I can do; my mom already gave me several dirty looks.” Sam said impatiently.

“OK! What do you know about that person?” Denny said

“He’s suspicious but not that suspicious, maybe he wants to go to the museum, too, and once again he’s a nice person.” Sam said.

They kept conversation until Mrs. Wood cut in.

“Sam, Denny, are you guys done? I’m waiting!” said Mrs. Wood

“Soon mom!” Sam said.

“You have been there for 6 minutes!” Said Mrs. Wood.

“Don’t you know that Denny is very slow when he goes to the bathroom?” said Sam       trying not to giggle.

Denny whispered: “Great joke dude! And I’m out of here.”

“So how can we do some secret conversation?!” asked Sam.

“We can do some secret conversation after I tell your mom to let Gina and us to go out to look at some painting by ourselves.” Denny said.

 1 minute later they told Sam’s mom about these things.

“How unreasonable does that man keep following us.” Gina said.

“Remember this is the famous painting “The starry night” By Vincent Van Gogh, everyone wants to see this.” Sam said

“And I’m getting hungry!” Said Denny.

“Oh! Sweetie (Denny is called Sweetie because he likes eating sweets and most parent call their child(ren) Sweetie) just forget it; you just ate a meal an hour ago, and it’s only 13:53! Even if I agree, my mom wouldn’t.” Sam said.

“Yeah, what do you want to eat? A pound of French Fries and 2 pounds of chicken?” Gina said.

“Hey, detectives need more th…”

Before he finishes his phrase that he says at least 3 times a day (Hey, detectives need more than that amount of food) Mrs. Wood cut in.

“Hey Sam, the jewels we bought were stolen. Your dad just called me.” Said Mrs. Wood.

“I just saw that guy go to the car, and it’s been enough time to drive from here to our house since he left.” Said Gina.

“See, that is a bad guy.” Said Denny.

“That guy was very generous. Maybe he wants to go to another place, but the jewels-former is sure strange.” Said Sam.

“Cheese Brain, are you suspecting the jewels-former?! We don’t have any good evidence.” Said Denny.

“I think Sam is right, maybe the bad guy is the jewels-former.” Said Gina.

“So… that’s it. I heard that the other guy who had been following us told the taxi driver to go to Safeway, and the car went to the Safeway direction not the way we came from. The direction that we came from is the only one to get to Sam’s house in time.” Said Denny.

 “Mom, do you know where the jewels-former lives?” Asked Sam.

“Of course, here’s a copy of the check.”

Jewels Check Jewels Co.
99999.99 $
1282 NE 4th St Chicago IL, 600654 Address
Harold M. Sgabc Seller, Signed
Sam Wood Buyer, Signed


“Ok NE 4th St Chicago IL,60654. Let’s go there while our parents are calling the 911.” Said Sam.

So they walked to 1282 NE 4th St and that was a big house.

“I will try to open the door.” Said Sam.

“Guys, it’s open.” Said Sam after he discovered that.

“Let’s go inside.” Said Gina.

“No, we should glance before we go in, what if this is a trick.” Said Sam.

“Ok, we should glance into the house.” Said Gina while she’s glancing into the house.

“Hey!” Shouted Gina in a very loud voice.

“What the heck are you doing?” Asked Denny.

“I’m checking if there’s anyone home, and no one’s home, let’s go.” Whispered Gina.

They searched the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, and in the bedroom the check was there.

“Wow! There are a lot of jewels!” Said Gina.


“These are exactly the jewels my parents bought.” Said Sam.

Then they heard someone opening the door.

“Hide!” Gina whispered.

Sam hid under the bed, Denny hid inside the closet and Gina hid under the bed.

“The guy’s coming and it’s opening the door.” Whispered Gina.

The guy heard Gina but not the other’s.

“Hi girl! What are you doing here? Take pictures of the jewels I stole?! No one will believe you if there’s no picture!” Said Harold (the thief, you can see the name on the check).

“Yeah, someone will believe me.” Said Gina.

“Ha! I will throw you in the dungeon and I will get my stuff to steal more jewels I sold!” Said Harold.

After Harold left Denny said: “Oh bad, oh bad, oh bad, bad, bad…”

“OK, It’s bad, I know but if we don’t get Gina before something terrible happens to her in time, it will be worse!”  Said Sam. “Also that’s very easy, we just need to call the police and Gina will be saved.”

After Gina was saved by the police officer they need to prove that the house belongs to Harold because the police has no evidence that Harold is the house owner.

“I’m starving!” Said sweetie (Denny).

“Me to…” Sam said while he glanced at his clock. “What?! It’s already 20:32!”

“Yeah it’s summer, the sun sets very late in north cities like Chicago!” Said Denny.

“See Gina! Stop looking for the thief and start eating!” Said Sweetie in patiently.

“Quiet! I heard someone, hide!” Whispered Gina.

It’s Harold, they take some picture of him and go to the police station and Harold is arrested.

They had a dinner to celebrate those 3 young detectives, and the man who they had suspected came, too.