Turkey’s feeling on the Thanksgiving

Turkey’s feeling on the Thanksgiving

Yuqi N

         Turkeys are always become a delicious meal on the Thanksgiving. If i am a turkey i will feel that the Thanksgiving is my last day to survive in the world, but there also have some opportunities to be far away from the hunter and not being eaten.

         Every turkey’s destiny is being eaten but the president can pardon a turkey every year and change its destiny that not being eaten in its whole life, and it’s called the “lucky turkey”. All of the turkeys wanna be the “lucky turkey”and run away from the hunters.

         Each turkey has a little dream, they do not expect luxury, high above others, become the king of the turkey family, they just want to stay away from the destiny of being eaten.

         Every turkey has a family, just like humans. For example, if anyone in the family members is already being eaten, the family will being like heart-broken and extremely sad, just like a mother heard a bad news that her daughter died, they are both the same feeling.