Turkies in Thanksgiving

Turkies in Thanksgiving

Franklin H

Everybody likes Thanksgiving. The parties, the festivals, and especialy the food. The food on the table in Thanksgiving is very, very good, like the roasted, delisious turkey. But have you ever thought, what if the food people ate was you?

    The origin of Thanksgiving starts from an American history. In 1620, a British group of Puritans tp escapeeligious persecution, went across the ocean to the east coast of North America. The suffer of hunger and cold made almost half of the people died. But, with the help of the Indians, they were able to sustain their production and life. The next year, they built new homes by immigrants to thank God for his blessings and the help from the Indians. And, they picked fruits and captured wild turkies to give the Indians, together they celebrated for three long days. After that, evey last Thursday of November, is Thanksgiving. And that's why we always have turkies and celebrations on Thanksgiving.

    Turkies plays a big part of Thanksgiving. Usually, we have a lots of food on the table, like bread, vegtables, beer, fruits, ice-cream... but, there is one thing that's very special, the turkey. Without the turkey, Thanksgiving will lose it's fun in the food. Maybe the turkies will be proud of being the "special guest" on every single Thanksgiving. But on the other hand, they will get they always get eaten every single Thanksgiving, and sometimes even in a regular day! Poor turkies, they always die under our hands just because of our own traditional. Maybe they will feel sad about that, just like chikens.

    Turkies are some great food. Everybody likes them. But, we can't kill lots and lots of them just because we have a traditional. I think we should kill less turkies, and set some of them free. Then we can still have our feativals, and the turkies won't get killed that much.