Robotics Programming

Welcome to the creative and challenging world of program engineering. Students put themselves in the shoes of a real life engineer, programmer and commander as they move up through our Explorer, Trailblazer and Vanguard series. Using easily accessible robots, iPads and programs specifically designed to engage students, robotics programming comes to life in hands-on experiences.



Students are introduced to robotics programming by learning how to control robots from Wonder Workshop. By exploring robot capabilities through hands-on activities, students put themselves in the shoes of programmers by learning how to command robots to perform a variety of tasks. 



Manipulating robots and programs becomes second-nature as students learn how to command events, properties and actions in their robots. Challenges Trailblazers will have to face include commanding their robots to score a soccer goal, move through complicated mazes and play a victory song!



Students stand at the forefront of visual and robotic programming as Vanguards, ready to take on complex challenges and engage in competitive teams. Vanguards use problem solving and computational thinking in order to create programs understandable to their robots.