Creative Prolbem Solving Using Automation to Curb Telemarketing

One of life's little nuisances, spam calls. Never talking to another telemarketer again, sounds too go to be true. Google's engineers have been hard at work bringing that reality to android users.

Their service enables Pixel phone users two options, the first being an on screen transcription of real time incoming calls. Giving the user a short on screen message of who may be calling them with the choice of answering the call. The other option is a feature powered by Duplex. The last time Google demonstrated its Duplex AI was making a call to restaurants and hair salons to book reservations.

Whether this will work is another question entirely as telemarketing databases track phone pick-ups and target those numbers more. Will Googles Call Screen be flagged as a pickup by telemarketers, it could result in more calls. We'll have to wait and see how it works in practice.

In what other ways can we remove accepted annoyances and solve our problems with a little creativity and know how.