Designer Challenge - 3D printed puzzles

Design Brief


It's time to get creative! What puzzle ideas do you have? Have you ever wanted to bring to life your own puzzle idea? If so now is your time to shine.

I'm excited to announce the first Blaze design challenge! For this challenge the theme is puzzles! Puzzles have been around for centuries as a simple way to entertain ourselves, but how can we take them to the next level with 3D printing?

Try your hand at creating your own sliding puzzle, maze, or puzzle cube during our Maker track every Monday and Wednesday. The 3D puzzle can be anything you like. Something new or a remix of a current design. Designs must be made in TinkerCAD and have the ability to print on an FDM 3D printer.

We will be judging student submissions on June 18th. The more creative the better!

Designer Resources

In need of some inspiration? Check out these puzzles to kick start your creativity!


1. Check out our Maker classes every Monday & Wednesday for assistance from an instructor.
2. Have a look at the end result to know what you are building.
3. Reinforce breakage areas.
4. Make sure to be careful and precise when designing.
5. Keep working, even outside of class times.