3D Printing, The Limitless Technology.

The applications with 3D printing are limitless. From doctors & dentists to students & designers, being used in small scale manufacturing to small business.

From its inception in 1984, a time when only sizable companies could afford a 3D printer, growth in additive manufacturing has exploded. The uses for 3D printing today are continually creating new opportunities in almost every industry.

The adaptability of 3D printing is evident in the variety of ways they’re used today. In the medical field alone has practitioners have a number of uses. Surgeons can plan operations by reviewing 3D printed replicas of a physical problem being operated. This method of preparation allows surgeons to gather a better idea of what the surgery entails. Printed models have also been a cost effective way for medical schools to have students study human anatomy. Increasingly popular movement is prosthetic limbs being developed by way of 3D printing – bringing functional prosthesis to entire communities that would otherwise not be able to afford or access the care they need.

Regardless of the specific application, 3D printers offer what no other type of manufacturing process has been capable. Rapid turnaround times, placing physical results in a users hands and bringing to life a digital concept.  This will allow 3D printing to  be used for an ever growing number of tasks, similar to the last two decades of growth in personal computers. Imagine a third world village printing vital medical equipment on demand. Aid workers never being without the specific supplies they need, a result of carrying portable 3D printers with them into combat zones and disaster areas. Imagine hospitals being able to print organs on demand instead of waiting for a donor. 3D printers have virtually limitless potential as the technology driving them improves.