Drones in the Classroom

In today's society technology is everywhere. From home life to being used in schools. There has been a slow progression of having students use iPads in class. A New Jersey teacher, Kimberly Crowley noticed a drop in attendance and behavioral problems in her math class. She had an innovative idea of integrating drone technology with her curriculum. She integrated concepts of engineering and problem solving that correlated with mathematics. Her students loved it. They saw the challenge and wanted to solve it. When it came to something new and different they became engaged. She started to fundraise and talk to district leaders to achieve the idea. She wanted to have them in not just her classroom but all classrooms.


Sometimes interacting with children can be hard. Drones have been bringing out the curiosity out in us all. Learning how to write a code or just manually controlling the machine. It brings out the child. Here at Blaze we want to give students the opportunity to see the progress from engineering the drone and building it to match the specs of expectation the child has. From there they can start piecing and putting together the image they had in their head. We then teach them how to control manually or to code different functions to achieve ideas. Classrooms are moving away from lecture and learn to more of using kinetic learning and trying to reach each student using the way they learn. For a world that is continually growing, the classroom has to adapt. Children need the focus and drive to continue to develop. Preparing students and teaching them coding or engineering to help them later in a career.