Are You Ready for The Challenge?

At Blaze after-school STEM club, you gain access to some of the world’s cutting-edge technology and the chance to work with our expert instructors who can help guide your creativity. 

Our Blaze Space offers a unique learning experience for kids and teens. Our project-based approach encourages exploration and creativity with coolest technologies that most students don’t get at school. Blaze members will be a step ahead of peers in a future driven by tech innovation.

     This Week's STEM Club Activities

Upcoming Blaze Events

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What You Will Do at Blaze Space

You will be an Explorer, Trailblazer and Vanguard.

  • Explorer - Explore new areas of knowledge
  • Trailblazer - Extend your learning and innovate
  • Vanguard - Take the lead in new developments or ideas

Experience Blaze after-school programs during our full-day and week-long camps or as a workshop series at schools, libraries and museums. We offer unique learning experiences at every level.

Experience innovative technology at your fingertips through our Project Based Learning system. Our mentors are ready to give your student the attention they need to succeed.