Student Design Solutions

Yifan Digi Guard.png


It is a common experience, to cut, slice, or dice a fingers while preparing food for a meal. Students were tasked with creating a design to protect fingers while dicing up produce or slicing up meats. All the while still retaining the ability to hold food and move fingers with minimal limitations.

Bag Holder.png

Bag Holder

How many trips to you need to make to get all your shopping bags one, two, even more? This design was made to better help carry multiple shopping bags with a single hand.

Bhrugu Glasses Case.png

Custom Glasses Case

Young students love to share their individuality at any opportunity. One of our young designers created a case that other students may customize for their glasses. Made out of a resilient hardened plastic this case will withstand most everyday use.

Chess Pawn.png

Chess Pawn

A common occurrence in any classroom setting is the disappearance or breaking of game pieces. Our students have personally taken it upon themselves to replace missing game pieces by modeling and printing any missing parts to their favorite games.


Guitar Tuning Pegs

As we have found through many designs our students gravitate toward helping others with solve a problem. These guitar tuning pegs were designed as a part of class project for a fellow student.


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